Geoff in Baja California

This is a personal site maintained as a hobby and as a means of facilitating communication with distant friends and relatives.

About Me

I am a retired Australian living in Baja California, on El Dorado Ranch near San Felipe which is 125 miles south of the California border (Calexico/Mexicali).

I retired in 2002 and enrolled at a Community College in Palm Desert, near Palm Springs, California. During the next 6 years I completed an Associate degree in Computer Information Systems and 80% of an Associate degree in Foreign Languages, principally Spanish, but also French and Italian.

When the college dropped my final French course, due to insufficient enrolments, I decided to finish up. I was going to return to Australia, but had a 7 yo German Shepherd and was not prepared to risk her on a plane flight of 15 hours. Enquiries of shipping companies did not provide an answer, so I looked south into Mexico.

Because of publicity about the drug problem, I wanted to avoid places such as Tijuana. I "googled" San Felipe which I saw on the map on the other side of the Baja Peninsula and discovered El Dorado Ranch, a big development 5 miles from the town. The developer is American and there are some 2,000 to 3,000 residents. Most are Americans, but there are a couple of other Australians as well as Canadians and British.

I drove down to view it, liked it and bought a home and moved down. There is a golf course, which I haven't used yet, and tennis courts which I use 3 or 4 times a week. There are other activities such as water volleyball. The development went quiet when the recession hit in the USA and there is only now some pick up in activity.

Darby, the German Shepherd mentioned above, unfortunately had to be put down due to a bone cancer. A replacement is now aged 2 and a half and is a handful. Tesoro vom Hundekaiser or "Tessie" for short. Tesoro is Spanish for "Treasure".

In 2008 I returned to Australia and sold my home in Sorrento. I have no current plans to return in the forseeable future.

Apart from tennis, I occupy quite a lot of time trading options on the US stock market. No great success to date. 

I have not kept this page as current as I should and will be aiming to update it in the coming weeks.